We have always worked extremely closely with all of our suppliers. Most of the factories we work with have been supplying us for over 20 years now, some for more than 30 years. It is by maintaining these strong relationships that we have grown together.

We also work closely with all our clients to make sure we source all the vintage product they need by constantly reviewing all our grades and maintaining their standards. The vintage business has developed greatly since our humble beginnings in the early 80’s and it is now an important part of the fashion industry. We now source products from the 1950’s up to the late 90’s and beyond.

Vintage clothing is now a global business and we ship goods all around the world. We have great relationships with a range of transport companies and can arrange freight of all types at the most competitive rates, whether you are shipping a full container to Japan or a single carton somewhere in Europe.

We have a loyal and well trained sales and processing team that love vintage clothing and are extremely proud of the job we do and the way we do business. Whether you are a new or existing client, your success is important to us. Our experience means that advice on and assistance with the vintage clothing industry is only a phone call or email away.

Our vintage clothing is sourced from all over the world, mostly the USA and mainland Europe.

We process over 12,000 kilos of the stuff every week and all customers are welcome to visit our warehouse facility to inspect the quality of our vintage grades.


The goods arrive by truck or container.


Goods are sorted into over 160 grades.


All clothing is checked for size, style and condition.


Items are packed in 25kg bags.